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Funny Decoration Chicken

Funny Decoration Chicken

Funny Decoration Chicken

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Super Cute Decoration for a Happy Atmosphere in your Garden

Are you looking for a unique and funny decoration for the garden? You just found it with Funny Decoration Chicken! It brings good humor and a comical atmosphere wherever you put it.

Funny Decoration Chicken can also be a decorative piece for indoor. Put it in your closet or on your desk and it will brighten up the room. It is available in several bright colors that you can combine to place together.

GIFT IDEA: It makes a great gift for any farm admirer, garden enthusiast, and souvenir collectors. They have a look that makes everyone happy!
PLACE ANYWHERE: You can place this decoration where and how you want. Inside or outside? On its own or together with the other color variants.

    • COLOR VARIANTS: It has several beautiful color variants with attractive colors to brighten up any garden or room.
      FUNNY DESIGN: The shape of the chicken and its face will instantly make you happy and it will make even many people laugh instantly.

    Material: Resin and Ceramics
    Body: 7 x 15 cm
    Legs: 17 cm
    Color: Black | Blue | Pink | Yellow | White
    Package Contents
    1 x Funny Decoration Chicken

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