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Equine Sprinkler Sprayer

Equine Sprinkler Sprayer

Equine Sprinkler Sprayer

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A Good Assistant For Spray Your Horse With A Product Of Your Choice.

Equine Sprinkler Sprayer allows you to spray your horse with a product of your choice with a near-silent ultra-fine mist that will keep your horse calm. It is great for fly sprays, skin ointments, liniments or just about anything else. 

No more lugging around large containers. Equine Sprinkler Sprayer is perfect for making up your own mixtures and storing for later, with a short, quiet burst of fine mist. It is transparent and easy for visibility.

Product Features:

✅ Sufficient capacity design. The capacity of the bottle can meet the needs of most users.

 Easy to use. It can be used anytime, anywhere, easy to use, and fully matches human touch.

✅ High-quality spray. This Equine Sprinkler Sprayer can provide high-quality, extremely fine mist, and has a continuous spray function, from the first drop to the last drop, covering a large area quickly, uniformly, and in all directions.

✅ Stylish design. Ergonomic design reduces hand fatigue compared to traditional triggers and fingertip sprayers.


  • Material: ABS
  • Color: White, Transparent
  • Capacity: 200ml, 300ml
  • Weight: 125g (200ml), 130g (300ml)
  • Size:

Package Includes:

1 x Equine Sprinkler Sprayer

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